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Titel / Title Live...Greeting from the Flow State 
Label Immergent 
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Up to now Dishwalla are rather unknown in Europe. On the other side of the big pond, in their home country USA, it is the complete opposite. Here, the fivesome fills not only big clubs and halls but also, in 2003, had the doubtful honour to tour American aircraft carriers to cheer up their fighting fellow countrymen. The title suggests that this live documentary was recorded during that very tour although there are no infos about the origin of the recordings in the booklet. Whatever you might think about such patriotic acts it’s clear that with „Live...“ Dishwalla have bagged a great live album with timeless rock music. By the way, the CD is in the new, in Europe still almost unknown, format of the Dual Disc. The first side consists of the normal audio CD (playable with every player); the backside is a DVD which contains amongst others a 5.1 mix, some live videos and a cut together of the tour from the American aircraft-carriers. Those ones who like to play music or DVDs on their computers are hereby warned! My computer had some serious problems to play the DVD which probably was due to the extra width of the Dual Disc.

Timo Pässler, translation: Kathleen Gransalke

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