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Mythological Cold Towers

Titel / Title The Vanished Pantheon 
Label Firebox Records (Europa), Somber Music (Brasilien) 
Total run time
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Welcome to Tales from the Crypt. The cover alone makes you wonder who is behind the third album of the Brazilians Mythological Cold Towers. If you walk down those dusty decaying stairway you enter the world of epic Doom-Metal. No song less than seven minutes that drags along and slowly creeps into your ears, no song without the feeling that the end of the world is near. Naturally you cannot just listen once and then put the album away, it’s way too complex for that. Samejs voice ranges from average Deathgrowls and spoken passages to kind of screams-for-help straight from the Crypt, and at „Ancestral Solar Emblem“ you can also hear a choir. The keyboard adds to the atmosphere without being obtrusive. Who has patience for the long songs should dare to walk down those stairs...

Jasmina Schreck, translation: Klaudia Weber

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