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Kind im Magen?

Titel / Title Stadt der Winde 
Label s.a.d. music 
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And the award for the weirdest band name this month goes to... Kind im Magen? (child in stomach?) No idea what had happened to have this kind of idea, but it happened. To appear even more creative they include the question mark in the name. Well, let´s talk about the music now. „Stadt der Winde“ is the first single of the upcoming debut album, and the band from Allgäu present a quite nice Punkrock/pop style catchy tune. The lyrics are as far out as the bandname but the song and the chorus stick in your ear. Not a top seller but definitely a good live track. The CD contains also the „Stadt der Winde“ video, photos, some interview clips and a lot of fun stuff. Yet after checking it all out you hardly manage to listen to the song any longer.

(no rating, it´s just a single)

Jasmina Schreck, translation: Klaudia Weber

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