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Titel / Title The Score - An Epic Journey 
Label Transmission Records 
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Nowadays you already learn as a child: stuff with the „Green Dot“ goes to the yellow garbage bag, vegetable matters to the bio-waste container, bottles to another container, paper to the blue container and everything else to the grey one. And the stuff with the „Green Dot“ is said to be recycled. If Epica have understood that? „The Score (An Epic Journey)“ is the name of the third album from the Dutch and it goes almost without any singing or metal. The members of the band have, for a long time, a weakness for film music and now they dabble in it to musically accompany the movie „Joyride“. Honestly said, it´s really not a bad soundtrack, very professionally made and many film freaks will surely rejoice in it. But somehow we´ve heard it like that or similar about hundreds of times before; the drama that comes up with some pieces, the strings... if this is now really Epica or just some orchestra - you couldn´t hear the difference. Back to the waste separation or recycling. This film music is nice and good but what are those three extra songs („Trois Vierges“, „Solitary Ground“ and „Quietus“), which were already published on previous albums or singles in this or a similar version, on this CD about? I think it´s kind of pointless and it´s somehow disturbing that the CD doesn´t finish with „The Ultimate Return“.

Jasmina Schreck, translation: Kathleen Gransalke

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