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Pogues, The

Titel / Title Streams Of Whiskey 
Label Silverline/Essential 
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Danceable Punk combined with Irish Folk, this is the successful recipe that The Pogues have been touring with since 1984. Basically The Pogues are a Live band, and although I never had the pleasure to see those Irish guys with their rough manners on stage, but you just close your eyes and you find yourself in a small smoky music pub that smells of Whiskey, and your muscles will automatically start twisting. Who might expect Shane MacGowan hitting just one tone right will be disappointed, but who cares because besides alcohol-related or critical-political lyrics this is exactly The Pogues´ trademark. And it gives a sad feeling because this album is the last one with Shane´s typical voice... it´s really a shame ... The Pogues without Shane MacGowan is like Jack Daniels instead of Irish Whiskey – it tastes bad and you shouldn´t even try anyway. So this is another reason why you should purchase that CD, if you haven´t already included it in your connection in 2002 when it first came out at Rough Trade. This time the album comes with DVD in Surround-Sound and is just fun! It also includes the recording of a gig 1991 in Switzerland with Liner-notes, photos and some computer extras. A little bit more on the DVD would have been nice, but it´s enough to transfer the party feeling to the audience, and what you had imagined with closed eyes, here it becomes true. Great!

Samira Alinto, translation: Klaudia Weber

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