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Titel / Title Keeper Of The Seven Keys – The Legacy 
Label SPV 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits veröffentlicht / already released 
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The expectations were very high prior to the release. Would Helloween manage it to follow on from the glorious „Keeper“ deeds or could they maybe even top it? To say it right away: No. Because „The Legacy“ plainly lacks class! Up-tempo songs like erstwhile „Future World“ or „I want out“ are hardly to be found and can then convince only a little. The same goes for the epic mammoth tracks, which are – except for „Occasion Avenue“ – hardly comprehensible and appear somehow pieced together. In addition a few nice power metal numbers and also one or the other ballad. It´s quite alright but can´t be compared with the original, especially because Andi Derris´ voice comes across downright spirit- and sapless. Principally it´s not a bad album but it can´t live up to the expectations that were evoked by the title at all.


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