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Hanoi Rocks

Titel / Title Another Hostile Takeover 
Label Soulfood/Demolition Records 
Total run time
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Hanoi Rocks: For years now this band is the epitome of the ultimate glam rock. The Finns haven´t been up too much of late but now this time is over. Finally the guys came up with a new album and are absolutely ready to recapture their glam throne with „Another Hostile Takeover“ being the best weapon for this mission. Freaky, lunatic, stirring, full of contrasts and yet an album where everything just fits. Here´s how one could describe the work in a few words: band boss Michael Monroe did a good job and not only improved his vocal skills but also considerably expanded the range of his troupe. Fat sleaze with 80´s pop, punk, reggae combined with hard rock and many other experimental influences merge into a brilliant glam masterpiece that just rocks. Like Michael is singing in „Eternal Optimist“: "You Can´t Tell Me That I Can´t, Cause I Can Do Anything...". Well, that´s what the guys absolutely proved with „Another Hostile Takeover“...

Jasmin Froghy, translation: Kathleen Gransalke

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