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Elected, The

Titel / Title Sun, Sun, Sun 
Label Sub Pop Records 
Total run time
Vö/Release24 Jan 2006 
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Right to the beginning some facts to The Elected: it is a sideproject of Blake Sennett, the head of the indie rocker Rilo Kiley, and "Sun, Sun, Sun " is the second album of the project. So now to the musical side, the mane the whole elevatormusic would not be fair to some classics of the easy listening. It is simply insignificant and boring. For that reason it is absolutely not recommended for nightly driving, except when you would like to say strongly hello to the crash barrier or some trees. But who has problems to fall asleep, can bravely buy it and after almost 50 minutes The Elected they are solved.

Matthias Lohse

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