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Twisted Sisters

Titel / Title Under the Blade / You canīt stop RockīnīRoll / Come Out and Play / Love is for Suckers [Re-Releases] 
Label Demolition Records  
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released  
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For those who were too young or just missed them the first time, Demolition Records celebrates their 30th Anniversary by releasing the bands entire back catalogue. Digitally re-mastered and with added bonus tracks the Anniversary release's, have already sold in excess of 10 million copies Worldwide.From 1982 till 1987 Twisted Sister were definitely ahead of the game fusing 70īs glam, punk attitude and in your face rock.

Under The Blade
Total run time: 40:06
Release: original release year 1982

On the debut "Under The Blade" T.S. crawl out from the New York underground showing the rock world all anger and frustration that was built up. Coming into the world with "What You Donīt know(Sure Canīt Hurt You)" to "Shoot īEm Down", "Destroyer" and "Under The Blade"(which still hold up today as fan and concert favorites),show just exactly what this band is all about. Carrying the flag for teenage rebellion, these anthems for sure gave kids world wide something to look up too. Even though the raw energy and fan base would start to grow and spread rapidly, Twisted Sister was eluded by MTV and radio. Rather than giving up or changing direction, they stayed true to themselves making this disc a classic still to this day.

Ranking: 9 / 10

You canīt stop RockīnīRoll
Total run time: 40:26
Release: original release year 1983

Back for round 2 with "You Canīt Stop RockīNīRoll", they are out to just prove that. Spawning more cult favorites as "The Kids Are Back", "I Am (Iīm Me),"Were Gonna Make It" and the title track. Still carrying on with the raw and hard approach from the first disc, this was more successful than the debut. At that time (1983)Heavy Metal was at war with censorship in America and these songs had been released at the right time. leading the war path with this release, Twisted Sister did show exactly what the title says.

Ranking: 9 / 10

Come out and Play
Total run time: 46:06
Release: original release year 1986

Coming off the multi platinum success Of 1984īs "Stay Hungary"; T.S. started to feel the corporate pressure of being someone your not. It clearly showed in the 1985 release "Come Out And Play" as the band took a wrong turn somewhere. Although they scored a minor hit with the remake of "Leader Of The Pack" and guest appearances by Billy Joel, Brian Setzler Alice Cooper, this disc went off the charts and peoples mind rather quick. Trading the jagged edged performance for a smoother non dangerous sound, something the die hard fans werenīt expecting. Even though there are some good songs here and likely a mature release, the quality doesnīt hold up to standard of the true Twisted Sister sound that established them.

Ranking: 6 / 10

Love is for Suckers
Total run time: 52:44
Release: original release year 1987

After the disappointment with the previous release, T.S. made an attempt back to the roots by dropping the glam image and putting some edge back in the sound. Not exactly the same energy like in the first days but also not a bad try at recalling their glory days either. The opening track "Waking Up" (The Sleeping Giant) says just that as this is probably one of Dee Sniderīs best vocal performance. Debuting on the charts lower than the previous disc shows that the majority of the fan base wouldnīt buy this blindly. Maybe if this was released after "Stay Hungary" the chance of this being more noticed would of been better and the most of the fans would of still been here. Sadly the ride ended after this albums release until 2001 when the original Twisted Sister reunited for a string of benefit show in New York. Other stand out tracks are the title track,"Hot Love" and "Tonight". for a true definition of the band check out the Live At Wacken dvd.

Ranking: 8 / 10

Gabriele Palermo, translation: Klaudia Weber

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