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Martin Kesici

Titel / Title So what?! 
Label Island (Universal) 
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So what?! the Berliner asks himself with good reason and whoever detects a dash of defiance upon reading that title is probably right. After all, the singer has had to endure quite a lot of criticism since his success on the casting show „Star Search“: rock and metal lovers consider him too shallow, not „true“ enough. Small wonder, considering Kesici managed to draw big hoardes of teenies out of the woodwork, who regarded them as Hetfield and Co. overnight. But let’s be honest here – how can Kesici help that? The man makes rock for the masses and no one should string him up for that, because it’s quite clear: the man can sing. Regarding his debut album „Em Kay“, there were a lot of complaints about how his voice sounded too smooth, but this reproach can’t be made anymore. Martin rocks away, here his roots lie, the ballads are pushed to the background – the results are 14 poweful tracks. Even so, there is enough radio potential there. For instance the ballad „Leaving you for me“ with Nightwish diva Tarja. The Berliner can even be seen on VIVA in viking style, so the little ones can relax...

Jasmin Froghy

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