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Such A Surge

Titel / Title Alpha 
Label Nuclear Blast 
Total run time
Vö/Release04 Apr 2005 
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Germanyís biggest participants in the crossover movement of the early nineties, Such a Surge, never got much attention for their music, which was never too bad and always able to keep up with international precursors, but still not very special. It was much more the German lyrics, which have always been far above average, that made this band important, at least for Germanyís scene. Nevertheless, these days hardly anyone cares about crossover and the information sheet of the record company talks about a new home in typical rock sounds. Sounds pretty much like someone is trying to please every crowd! But that ainít it. The new musical direction seems to fit perfectly. Of course, itís pretty tough to find some new rock riffs, that havenít been played a million times already, but that again isnít so much the point with Such a Surge, as their lyrics are much more of interest here. Unfortunately, international listeners should have their dictionary at hand.


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