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Shift Inc.

Titel / Title Incorporaped 
Label Cargo Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Why travelling far? Shift Inc. come from Augsburg right from our German neighbourhood. Recently they were on the so-called „All Ears Bleeding Tour“ through southern Germany and Scandinavia. Wonderfully underground, wonderfully straightforward is this band: A big F*** O** to industry and compatibility, and offering exactly what Metal fans nowadays are missing: credibility. Shift Inc. make no compromises, and they show it on stage with songs like „Warchild“, „Fairytale“, „Fuck the Upperclass“, „You become what you hate“ etc. Their first studio CD „Incorporaped“ sounds powerful, powerful. Metalcore, Metal, or so. Singer Marc Kampmann is an excellent Shouter, Basser Richy Albrecht and drummer Fabian Lenz play tight like Batman´s pants, and Axeman Marco Schuler, despite being the only guitarist, creates a vast sound wall. Shift Inc. only have the problem that their great live presence and sound could not be captured on CD. Therefore „Incorporaped“ is an impressive but not quite adequate copy of what happens when Shift Inc. are on stage. A CD to be listened loud, and one that makes you wait for more from those guys, Germany rejoice...

Andy Kuhn, translation: Klaudia Weber

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