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Titel / Title The Dawn Of A New Error  
Label Playdead (self-production) 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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“Post Industrial Rock”. That’s what Philiae call their music. So I guess “post” means not really being either one. In fact, the band works best when they just concentrate on being a normal rock band. The sound is close to what bands like Die Krupps sounded like 15 years ago, and even though you’re trying to be “post”-something doesn’t have to mean it has to be done bad. Mid tempo beats, thin guitar sounds and un-imaginative industrial sounds from the 80’s make this sound more like a demo tape than a serious recording. And what surprised me the most was that the best song “Copy³” is the only one that won’t be on the album. Of the other songs the first song “This Is The Dawn Of A New Error” is a bad rip-off of Ministry’s “New World Order”. The second one called “Downwards” starts off well with a nice guitar and an eerie atmosphere but neither the song itself nor the sound have what it takes to carry the song all the way. The last song “Worse” has a nice Depeche Mode riff but again the band stumbles on not having a bigger gear to change in to. I hope that on the forthcoming album the band has a few up-tempo songs and are able to make their sound stronger. Also a wider range of songwriting styles couldn’t hurt. The potential seems to be there and the voice of the new singer suits to the band. It’s just a question of someone telling the guys how to use it…

Saskia Meerbaum, translation: Klaudia Weber

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