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Titel / Title Turis Fratyr 
Label Black Attack 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits veröffentlicht/already released 
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Epic Viking Metal is what they call the genre, that Equilibrium from Munich present us on their debut album „Turis Fratyr“. Catchy song titles like „Wingthors Hammer“, „Heimdalfs Ruf“, „Widars Hallen“ and „Met“, adequately prepare the listener for this band’s sound. Synthesizer sounds bring across a medieval market atmosphere, while angry viking growling, which attempts to tell you something about germanic mythology, together with clattering guitars and a rumbling double bass, conjures up a dark thunder storm. This may seem absurd for a lot of people, other people love it, and there aren’t a lot of opinions in between. The author, however, belongs to the former group and doesn’t really have much more use for „Turis Fratyr“ than for a viking helmet. – Actually no use at all, but it will find a spot on the shelves...

Andy Kuhn

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