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Lost In Rhone

Titel / Title Beloved The Ones Who Sit Down 
Label Dockyard1 Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released  
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The Belgian emo/post hardcore quintet although is not long in the scene (two years), plays with good confidence and certain drive their extremely melodic and overall well-done energetic songs. The album is very consistent and harmonic. Because of too little variations, in both vocals and music, it sounds more like one continuous song instead of 10 separate tracks. Number 6 (“Hysbrydion”) stands out among the rest, as it is slow and instrumental, giving a break before the rocking continues with “Walk The Daedalus” and up until last track “E.P.S.” which is another one to highlight on the album: good rhythm, catchy riffs, overall heavy sound. The album ends very unexpectedly and leaves you alert waiting for more… If Lost In Rhone are capable of creating this much energy at a live concert, there is certainly a great potential, especially with the audience below 20 years of age.

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Marina Sidyakina

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