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Titel / Title Pleasure Of Consumption 
Label Selfmadegod Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released  
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The polish trio describes their art as “gorephobic slaughtering metal´, which if not clear enough, they generously support with very straight forward (repulsive) cd artwork… For me it was difficult to move pass track 3, yet there are whole 13 pieces on the album (including two previously unreleased numbers). To sum up the impression of this record, I´d say it´s a low budget soundtrack to Dani Filth´s cheesiest movie scenario (those who´ve seen “Cradle of Fear” would know). If ignoring the song titles (“Life Organs Transplantation”, “Human Meat”, “Rotten Visions”, etc) and concentrating on the sound alone, Incarnated has a certain potential with its own audience: very aggressive, severe, dead-dead-death (!!!) metal with inhumane guitar abuse and ultra-speed drum execution; underground of the deepest underground, if it only exists! What is strange is that this ´orchestra´ exists for amazing 15 years and so far has come up with only one full length release until this one, maybe lack of bloody inspiration was the reason or who knows...

Marina Sidyakina

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