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Han Jin Oakland

Titel / Title …it´s just a fuckin´ demo… 
Label Arco-Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released  
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Christoph Jungen makes a sound introduction with his new demo-album. Although with some primitive lyrics, it´s forgivable, as music is of a good clean heavy-metal quality. Note track 4 “Right Now” for smooth melodic variations and pleasant slow piano intro that adds diversity to the record, as well as the following “Hopeless Case” with it easygoing start and building up heavy beat. “Fuckin´ Lies” has a very strong heavy drive and is clearly the highlight of the record: usually such songs make a successful opening at live shows, giving out a lot of energy and initializing serious headbanging. Track 8 (“Dying On Floor Number 6”) is also interesting combination of slower paces and then heavier rhythms. The record ends with a very calm lovely ballad “Love Of My Life”, played soulfully on the guitar, yet sung a bit roughly for such tender content, otherwise an enjoyable track.

Although the record only has nine compositions, it is well balanced and it is just enough to enjoy the quality and not get bored too fast. On the whole, Han Jun Oakland resembles a similar sound to Everlast, so Christoph Jungen still has something to work on to gain his band´s own sound, but “...It´s Just A Fuckin´ Demo” is already a good start.

Marina Sidyakina

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