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Titel / Title Freakery 
Label Relapse Records 
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This is very straightforward brutal grindcore, no compromise, you get what you´ve asked for, when you bought this record. Because all three members are also involved in other projects, this is their debut together and actually not a bad, but solid one. Although this is done with all traditions of the style, very outstanding is the singing manner, as the grunting done in a “cleaner” way than usually in such style, as if each word comes out with so much anger and emotion, like explosion of a bomb of sharp nails. To some listeners this might remind of older Napalm Death works, very brutal, with only positive influences taken from most death metal players. Most patriots of this sort will especially appreciate the opener “Tooth And Claw” and the wicked “Daddy´s Little Girl”, although the sequence of songs goes so aggressively fast and fierce in one half an hour, it makes hard to distinguish any individuality between the 16 songs.

Marina Sidyakina

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