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Titel / Title Images Of Khepri 
Label Khert/Neter Productions 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen /already released 
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Frankly, I cannot understand why the Finns Khert-Neter still dwell in the underground and haven´t be discovered by a record company yet... their self-made debut album „Images Of Khepri“ sounds like a future Death Metal classic. And indeed – it´s that rough, raw, straightforward as if the band plays live right next door. It was definitely worth the risk and troubles to record the album analogue style. And although rooted in Old School Death Metal the CD sounds fresh, differentiated and without clichés: dark and gloomy like Pungent Stench – basses tuned lower would cause an earthquake, intense-fast-short like Napalm Death (e. g. „Sutekh-Sa-Gaz“) or the groove of Benediction, crazy-ingenious soli like Obituary, vocals Cannibal Corpse style – but you can even understand the lyrics... so just go and get it! The only thing to criticize: the record is way too short! I WANT MORE!!

Klaudia Weber

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