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Traceelords, The

Titel / Title The Ali Of Rock 
Label AFM 
Total run time
Vö/Release19 May 2006 
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And then we were really speechless. When we got the Traceelords´ advance promo copy we had not expected the band from Hagen to develop further in that way. Respect. Naturally it´s still the same snotty sound that characterizes the band, but all the extras were quite surprising. With “The Ali Of Rock” (well, modesty isn´t quite their thing) you get a diversified album that offers everything from folky to heavy. The previous album might have got just 6,5 points because all the songs were too similar and I hardly noticed when a new song started, but here? The only thing that kept me from giving 10/10 was the track “Too Demanding” that I find quite redundant. Catchy tunes can be found in 13 out of 14 tracks on this CD. Both songs that have bass player Slick on the microphone are great. Andy Brings shows that you cannot pinpoint his voice and that he has a wide spectrum. The lyrics are wonderfully sarcastic, as always. A real recommendation!!

Saskia Meerbaum, translation: Klaudia Weber

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