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Van Dogs, The

Titel / Title Stick To The Ground 
Label We Bark / Eldorado 
Total run time
Vö/Release29 Jun 2006 
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Oh yeah! Alright! The Van Dogs are true and pure rockīnīroll. Their first official album "Stick To The Ground" is full of pure energy and excitement. From raw street rock, a la early Hellacopters, to groovy ska punk, like Rancid or NOFX, the music is full of raw power that has been captured very well on this album. Still The Van Dogs are able to produce catchy melodies and crowd pleasing hooks. This combination is rare but definitely affective! Neither part, be it the in your face attitude in playing or the catchiness of the songs, take away from each other but melt together in a mix that rock īnī roll should be all about: just having fun!

The female lead vocals are powerful and the guys back it up very well. The song are short enough to carry the energy through but still have the hooks and dynamics to be interesting as musical pieces and not just vehicles to carry the energy. The playing is tight and especially the bass has a groove to which just can not stand still! A very impressive first album from, what I hope is, the future of German rock: The Van Dogs!

Saskia Meerbaum

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