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Titel / Title A New Departure 
Label Dīs Harmony 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Although Inchi takes great pride in being part of the metal scene in their hometown of Vennesla, in south Norway, I would describe them more as an alternative rock band. Mostly mid-tempo melodic rock with a lot of power chords and high pitched guitars. The songwriting style has some Tool-like qualities with some well thought through part changes and nice team work from vocal and guitar melodies. But itīs also the mid-tempo that presents the biggest problem with Inchi: It getīs boring after a while! The songs, although not bad as such, are too much alike and when heard on the album itīs hard to tell them apart. Then again, I heard Inchi on the new Straight Out Of Vennesla compilation where the song was much more straight forward indiepop rock so perhaps Iīm way too late with my criticism.

But Inchiīs potential must be recognized as they certainly put a lot of thought in the songwriting and have a passion to be unique. Maybe not a perfect album, but good music and a good springboard for future schemes.

Saskia Meerbaum, translation: Klaudia Weber

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