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V. A. - Straight Out Of Vennesla Vol 2

Titel / Title Straight Out Of Vennesla Vol 2 
Label Dīs Harmony 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Vennesla is a small town whoīs youth take great pride in their metal scene. Actually enough to have their own festival to promote the local bands. They say metal music provides them escape from the strict religious lives of the townspeople. The second edition of the Vennesla "soundtrack" features nine bands of which the towns "big boys" Trail Of Tears are without a doubt the most famous one.

So, after reading the introduction to the CD, where this whole metal vs. the church and boredom thing is explained, I was a little surprised to hear more indie rock than metal from the first three bands Ramp, The Laundry and Inchi. The fourth band, Scrotumbabes, is more of a stoner rock band. Although surprised I have to admit I was quite impressed by especially the opening song Lobster by Ramp. A very rocking song that reminded me a little of Audioslave, probably for the simple reason that the singer sounds a little like Chris Cornell. But a very catchy song I must say!

After the fourth song the metal kicks in with Maniaīs Burn To The Ground. By now you understand that the album is designed to build up towards the end (something more compilation albums could take in consideration) ending in the absolute highlight of the album with the beautiful 15 minute masterpiece 9-29-045 with Green Carnation. Even Porcupine Tree would be envious of this piece!

But even if Straight Out Of Vennesla shows that this little town certainly has a lot of potential when it comes to music not all of the songs are as good. For example the band Ask B canīt decide if they want to be Marilyn Manson, Janeīs addiction or Guns īnī Roses and it just makes a big mess.

If youīre interested in new bands with much potential you might wanīt to check out this compilation of what this south Norwegian village has to offer. If this is what boredom and escapism leads to I say: "Bring It On!".

Saskia Meerbaum, translation: Klaudia Weber

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