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Titel / Title Fall 
Label AFM 
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Krokus is and will remain the best hard rock group to emerge from Switzerland! At least the latest album from Shakra, Fall, doesnīt rock the boat in that matter. On this album, which is their fifth, Shakra continues playing melodic hard rock. Even though they would like to consider them selves fresh and modern itīs all very 80īs and, most of all, not too original.
Fall presents a collection of quite mainstream American style hard rock songs, that are easily forgotten the minute theyīre over. The band plays well together and the vocals are strong but whit nothing to offer, really, it all just goes in through one ear and out the other. The band takes no risks which leads to nothing gained. A few bold "untraditional" hooks here and there could have spiced things up a bit. This road has been travelled way too many times to find anything new and interesting on it, so you might want to try a little detour. I donīt care which way you turn as long as you turn…

Saskia Meerbaum, translation: Klaudia Weber

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