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Chrome Division

Titel / Title Doomsday Rock īnī Roll 
Label Nuclear Blast 
Web www.chromedivision.com
Total run time
Vö/Release21Jul 2006 
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Chrome Division started out as a fun side project of Dimmu Borgir singer Shagrath, but the project grew in to a real band that has now recorded their first album Doomsday Rock īnī Roll. Even though you have Shagrath on guitar and additional members from bands like The Kovenant and Ashes To Ashes, youīre way off thinking this is a metal band. No, in fact itīs high octane rock and roll that mostly resembles bands like Motörhead or Turbonegro.
And thatīs basically it! Itīs not good. Itīs not bad. Itīs just pretty insignificant. The songs are pretty mediocre hard rock with no attempt to cross any borders or show any musical ambitions. If thereīs an easy road, itīs chosen. The lyrics are about bad ass activity and breaking the law. Then again, you might ask if music like this needs to be anything more than this? Maybe it doesnīt but from talented musicians like these I expected more.

I guess this project is intended for just letting out steam and to be able to do something completely different. At least it sounds like the guys are having fun, and this will most likely be a significant factor in future live shows, but for the album itīs just not quite enough to make it back in to my CD player again any time soon.

Saskia Meerbaum, translation: Klaudia Weber

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