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Sara Lee

Titel / Title Darkness Between 
Label Firebox Records 
Total run time
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The new product by Finnish Firebox seems to be a special Gothic Metal Depression just judging the cover, yet the music turns out to be different. No female soprano climbing to extreme heights, no mists around the boxes or 50 different tips how to end your life.

No! The guys behind “Sara Lee” produced with “Darkness Between” a real rocking record, including catchy tunes and a bit of gothic candy, yet they don´t sound over-produced or pathetic to suffocate the work. Melancholy pops up now and then but the tendency goes to Melancholy-Rock with some Pop influences, absolutely in balance.

You want another comparison? Who likes Sentenced, HIM or The Rasmus will also enjoy those cute Finnish guys of Sara Lee, just check them out in the nearest record store...

Jasmin Froghy, translation: Klaudia Weber

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