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L´ Ame Immortelle

Titel / Title Auf Deinen Schwingen 
Label GUN Records / SONY BMG 
Total run time
ca. 60 Min 
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L´ Ame Immortelle are well-known for their sophisticated, soft but also powerful works and gained a reputation beyond the Gothic scene.

This year the Austrians celebrate their 10-year-anniversary and present with the album “Auf Deinen Schwingen” the absolute climax of their career.

The duo left behind their originally pure electronic Computer Gothic origins and turned to include all styles, which supports their songs´ atmosphere and authenticity.

They unite powerful rock with electronic elements, heavy orchestra elements in combination with loud guitar riffs and mighty drums. That results in a bombastic work that is more than just a music highlight: Thomas Rainer, the band´s songwriter, deals with all facets of love, luck, hope, courage, desperation, power, pain, helplessness, humiliation and finally perdition. Those emotions are included into a complex belletrist frame that reminds in its intensity of the opera.
Every track tells a story and turns “Auf Deinen Schwingen” into a concept album. Initially the protagonist displays his careless love feeling with “Trage mich auf Deinen Schwingen zum höchsten Thron hinauf”, and these emotions get more intense with every song. “Herzschlag” already shows a lover´s passion which is expressed with Sonja´s dreamy vocals. Slowly it turns out that the lover cannot win his object of desire and his love turns to other ways of thought, stronger eruptions like “Du Siehst Mich Nicht” or “Phönix”.

Finally madness grows and possessiveness increases, but also powerlessness. “Sometimes Love is Not Enough” and “Last Will” express this situation and are examples of the powerful ballads on this album.

As usual for a well-done love story there is no happy ending. The lover cracks under the weight of his desire “Destiny” and sees the only way out in his and her death...

A wonderful complex album of L´ Ame Immortelle, totally convincing in musical and lyrical aspects!

Jasmin Froghy, translation: Klaudia Weber

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