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Titel / Title Katorz 
Label Nuclear Blast 
Total run time
Vö/Release28 Jul 2006 
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Fans of the Canadian Metal legend Voivod will listen to the new album with a happy and a sad sight. At the one hand there is real good material what covers all phases of the long career – from the punk days at the beginning to the Space Metal at the end of the eighties to the future trash of the nineties with Eric Forest. At the other hand there are also the last riffs of the founding member Denis “Piggy” D´Amour, who lost is struggle against the cancer. But Denis left his fellows the ideas of the songs with the order to finish the record. And it is once again his genius riffs together with the outstanding drumparts of Michel “Away” Langevin and the striking vocals o Denis “Snake” Belanger what contrast “Katorz” from the average and manifest the exception of this band.

Matthias Lohse

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