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Blind Guardian

Titel / Title A Twist in the Myth 
Label Nuclear Blast 
Total run time
Vö/Release01 Sep 2006 
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What happens every four years? Soccer WC. National elections. Olympic Games. And Blind Guardian release a new album. A long time, especially in music business, but it´s worth it. Instead of playing it safe, the guys from Krefeld devolop further and further with every record and hardly stick to the approved. Luckily with their new record Blind Guardian moved out of the orchestra dead end they entered with „A Night at the Opera“ and re-established Metal Riffs. „A Twist…“ sounds like a good mix of „Imaginations…“ and this „A Night…“ album. Songs like ‚Otherland´ remind of ‚Nightfall´, ‚Turn the Page´, ‚Fly´, the first Single and ‚Another Stranger Me´, the second Single, the Guardians offer real excellent stuff. Especially the latter blows your ears off!

Only a kitschy ballad ‚Carry the Blessed Home´ or the rather average ‚The New Order´ might be slightly disappointing. And the rhythm guitar could have been more powerful in some parts, but these are just details that do not change the fact that Blind Guardian are back, and with a new drummer.

Timo Pässler

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