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Rain Paint

Titel / Title Disillusion Of Purity 
Label My Kingdom Music 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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For me everything that is labelled progressive makes me feel nervous or even like panicking even before listening to it, yet Rain Paint made me feel comfortable right away listening to their second CD “Disillusion Of Purity”. Progressive, yes, but only because it´s difficult to find another definition, because many elements are mixed here: Gothic, Dark Wave, Melodic Death Metal and even a bit of radio play (“Purity”). The band themselves call it “Mournful Metal”, because of this melancholy. Sure, they are Finnish. The three guys (plus two session musicians) know how to do their thing, especially band founder and vocalist Aleksi Ahokas who reminds a bit of Brian Molko, only Aleksi has much more to offer regarding voice range and variation... The Cure-cover “Disintegration” sounds a bit too boring in my opinion, but otherwise just this Progmetal hymn “Inside Me” deserves top ranking!

Klaudia Weber

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