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Today is the day

Titel / Title Temple Of The Morning Star 
Label Relapse Records 
Total run time
Vö/Release23 Oct 2006 
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The dreary cover picture, made up of sperms, that swim towards a pentagram, gives a foretaste of the album which is as boring as its cover. On 18 tracks Today Is The Day offer Noise Rock, which meanders along without being able to convince. Although the band tries to vary its music, the conversion leaves many wishes open. While “The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself” begins with a country intro, which is then disturbed with noise, there is a child bawling at the beginning of “Mankind” and “High As The Sky” is introduced with the babbling of a woman. These are the only variations that the listener gets. The rest of the tracks is just drifting along and what remains at the end is a stale taste. For fans of Today Is The Day this record might be a tasty titbit, to all others it will probably cause stomach ache.

Sandra Eichhorn

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