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Titel / Title Return to Castle Grailskull 
Label STF Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released  
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Possibly many of you will have their difficulties in finding this record in the record-shop in the shelf with the Heavy Metal-CDs, because a careless employee could have placed the disc unintentionally next to TKKG and Benjamin Blümchen. That´s no surprise: on the cover, there are four cartoon superheroes, whose originals can be admired inside the booklet. But in spite the unconventional artwork the music doesn´t have to hide, although the self-chosen term Epic Death Metal does not justify it, because the Hannover try to hard to include too many different styles. There are good growls and Folk as well as classic Rock and screaming parts. But sometimes you can overdo things and some passages like the howling, that sounds like coming from a beer tent, in “Hail to the Grail” or the uninspired composition of the title track are not necessary. But there are also real highlights on this record. “Prevail” offers great growls and some striking riffs. Also “Fight Until You Die” has no need to hide – except the overcome topic of battles everything is alright here. The intro of “Moonlit Masquerade” might scare off, but when it´s over this song nearly becomes ingenious.

Although there are only seven tracks listed on the cover, at the end there is a hidden track, which is the German translation of “Home At Last”. This was not necessary, because “Home At Last” is the low of this album.

For fans of Manowar and similar We-fight-until-somebody-cries-groups the second opus of the Gailknights possibly deserves its place in the record-shelf but it is recommended to first listen to it in the CD-shop.

Sandra Eichhorn

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