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Titel / Title Sickening Bliss 
Label Relapse Records 
Total run time
Vö/Release23 Oct 2006 
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The forth album of the Swedish Regurgitate offers totally 26 songs, of which the longest takes only three minutes. All other tracks are in the segment of about 60 seconds and that is also the problem of this record. The songs are created in various ways, but due to their shortness it´s difficult to get enthusiastic about them. In the moment when you found your way into the song, it is already over.

Nevertheless “Sickening Bliss” offers good Grindcore, which is unfortunately not really elaborated in the single titles. For fans of records with an overall plan, which has to be enjoyed in one go. Everyone, who likes to pick one or two favourite songs out of an album, should think very well before buying this album.

Sandra Eichhorn

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