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Vincent Black Shadow, The

Titel / Title Fears In The Water 
Label Bodog Music/Edel 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Those who ask themselves in what way a legendary motorbike and a tiny female bandleader, who makes music together with three brothers, fit together, should find their answers in the album “Fears In The Water”. As well as the motorbike with the same name, The Vincent Black Shadow are fast, individual and simply good. In 14 Tracks the Canadians prove their variety which stretches from ballads such as “Don´t Go Soft” or the extraordinarily good “Control” to effective rock songs. Of those especially “This Road Is Going Nowhere” has to be mentioned, which in some parts reminds of the Pulp Fiction theme and which is also spiced with Jazz and piano elements. “Metro” gives pleasure by means of classic Rock´n´Roll, while “Bullet On The Tracks” impresses with the perfect sound arrangement. The songs get their unconventional and mostly melancholic touch from singer Cassandra, whose voice reminds someone tremendously of that of Gwen Stefani, although that of Cassandra is more variable.
It is difficult to put “Fears In The Water” in one genre, but that is exactly what makes this record worth listening.

Sandra Eichhorn

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