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Pure Inc.

Titel / Title A New Day`s Dawn 
Label AFM 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Pure Inc.`s music would have ten years ago easily been categorized under the grunge label but, as we all know, the term grunge never really described any actual type of music. So, Pure Inc. play`s old style groovy hard rock (although they themselves, for some reason, want to call it “modern rock”).

But, to return to grunge, when listening to Pure Inc. you can`t stop thinking about Soundgarden. One of the biggest reasons for this is the voice of singer Gianni Pontillo, who from here on shall be known as “Switzerland`s Chris Cornell”. Also the music style is very reminiscent of that of Soundgarden although, in all fairness, these Swiss boys still have a lot to learn about what makes a catchy song. Although, there`s a lot of groove and power-riffs, the album still remains quite monotonous in the end. And although Mr. Pontillo has a strong and sturdy voice, it`s a little dull and leaves the listener waiting for the climax which never seems to come. Also the lyrics are a bit naïve with really nothing more than old clichés and when this is combined with more or less faceless song-writing, A New Day`s Dawn doesn`t present anything new to the music listening world.

But, as the key elements of playing are definitely there, listening to this album isn`t such a bad experience at all. It just doesn`t leave you with anything new when you`re done. But for Pure Inc. to become a serious contender in the hard rock scene they have to work hard on finding a more personal touch and brake some of their own musical boundaries.

Sami Iivonen

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