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My Own Sense

Titel / Title The Quality Of Deserving Love & Trust 
Label Al Piper Music 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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After the original cast, made up of drummer Martin Hentschel, bassist Ansgar Baumann and guitar-player Torsten Wollbaum, was completed in 2003 with singer Michèle Keller, the quartet now offers its first album.

Unfortunately it becomes quite obvious that it is the first full length record of the four. It sounds partly horribly hollow, and also the kind of singing won´t be able to please everybody´s taste. Because what is supposed to sound like a Rock voice, mostly sounds thin and artificial. If these disharmonies between singing and melody are wanted is not clear. But in any case the eleven tracks are neither usable for banging your heads nor the relax, because the whole is just remaining in the same mid-tempo melody. Songs like “Temper” or “November” serve some nice composition ideas, but the upcoming good impression immediately destroyed by the terrible singing.

The next record might become better with singing lessons, this opus should have been worked over one more time.

Sandra Eichhorn

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