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Titel / Title Delikatessen 
Label Gun Records 
Total run time
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Vö/Release01 Dec 2006 
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Since Oomph! had a great hit with their single „Augen auf!“ they may be known to most people. After several successful releases Dero, Crap and Flux now offer a so-to-speak-Best-of-album, on which every single record of the trio has been taken into consideration. On two CDs there are all in all 38 tasty titbits. On the first disc we can find all hits and classics, such as “Fieber (featuring Nina Hagen)”, “Ich bin du” and “Supernova”. There are also the more topical songs like “Brennende Liebe”, “Gott ist ein Popstar” or “Sex hat keine Macht”. In addition this disc includes a cover version of the Franky Goes To Hollywood song “The Power of Love”. The second disc of the Limited Edition offers remixes of “Augen auf!”, among others, as well as cover versions of the Extrabreit-songs “Der Präsident ist tot” and “Polizisten”. These tracks are partly hardly or not at all available in the shops and now all fans get the opportunity to complete their collections.

Those who want a cross-section of 17 years of Oomph! history, should not hesitate to get this delicious piece of music.

Sandra Eichhorn

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