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Soko Friedhof

Titel / Title Jesussaft 
Label Grafenwald 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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In the way we´re used to Soko Friedhof show with “Jesussaft” that there is a reason why their songs are played in the clubs all the time. It may be known that mastermind David A. Line from the Untoten is working here. In the usual lyrical way sex (“Jesussaft”), suicide (“An einem Tag wie diesem”) and love (“Die Liebe kann schrei´n”) are the topics of the songs. Also self-irony is used by the investigators: in the song “Grufties” a group of Goths is reduced from eleven to one. Who finds parallels to the “10 kleinen Jägermeistern” may keep them. Included on this record are 14 regular tracks, three bonus tracks and two hidden tracks, which are quite great. The film samples which are served in “Miststück” or “Bumsen läuft nicht…” are on the other hand a bit nerve-wracking. But the songs are nevertheless really good and on the dance floor they´ll please even more. In any case this album is worth being placed in the record shelf of the Darkwave and Industrial lover.

Sandra Eichhorn

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