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Songs Of Lemuria

Titel / Title Klavier 
Label Wannasee Records 
Total run time
Vö/Release22 Dec 2006 
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Musical-star Michaela Laubach and Rock-veteran Nik Page offer on „Klavier“ chamber musical interpretations of songs by Rammstein, Oomph! or Tanzwut. Moreover, there are also new arrangements of songs by Joachim Witt and the Blind Passengers. However, on the first sight it is hard to recognize the songs, because the female voice gives a totally new tone which is absolutely different from the original. But due to this the five tracks do have a new attraction. Melancholic, full of feeling and touchy. What might disturb (or maybe make happy) is the fact, that the musical training becomes very obvious in Michaela´s singing. Nobody ever stresses the words like she does. Also the classical part, as well in the singing as in the melodies, will not please everybody´s taste. Hence, this record won´t be popular in general, because the music is too soft and sad. But that is also why this CD is a great variety to he “normal” music, which we usually listen to. Those who is seeking sounds for dreaming and mourning or simply an entertaining diversion, will be perfectly served with this 5-track-disc to the price of a single.

Sandra Eichhorn

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