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White Lord Jesus

Titel / Title White Lord Jesus 
Label Kong Tiki 
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Hmm!? Norwegian duo White Lord Jesus` debut album is actually, except for two songs, just digitalised, remixed 4-track recordings from the mid 80`s, with some extra re-recordings. The music is kind of naïve, slow, gothic synthesizer pop, that I`m sure was really hip and cool when it was originally done, but time has certainly got the best of this!

It`s funny how the remixing and the additional recordings make it seem even more out of place. It sounds modern but with a strange early eighties feel to it. And as singer Tristan Christ isn`t exactly… how should I put it… well, good, it all just sounds like a big joke. And maybe it is. But in that case I just don`t get it! Sure, there is occasionally some beautiful, movie like, music on the album, but the general feeling I get is that I could have continued living absolutely happy without ever hearing White Lord Jesus!

If you are so desperate in your quest for nostalgia, that you are willing to take anything as long as it presents something authentic of an era, then White Lord Jesus is worth checking out. The rest of us can move on with our lives without it…

Sami Iivonen

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