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Killswitch Engage

Titel / Title As Daylight Dies 
Label Roadrunner 
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Killswitch Engage are doing their best to keep the metalcore scene alive with their fourth album “As Daylight Dies”. As one of the original members in this “MTV metal” family, KsE has been able to outlive the scene by just doing it better than so many of the copycats.

“As Daylight Dies” sees KsE taking their melodic side even further as singer Howard Jones uses his strong clean voice more then before. The songs are mostly based on the traditional metalcore formula with aggressive shouted vocals in the verses and clean melodic singing in the choruses which both are done very well by Jones without making the transition sound unnatural or silly as is the case with so many bands in this genre. Although Jones takes the focus, the band supports him well with precise playing and catchy riffs. But… Even if KsE are the best at their game, they still face the same problems as all the other players. The metalcore style is very predictable and, although “As Daylight Dies” is a very ballanced album, it gets boring after a while. You can´t help thinking you´ve heard this too many times before. And another metalcore problem is the over-prouced feeling. Proucer/guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz certainly seems to know what kind of sound he wants for his band, but this leaves the finished product a little stale as much of the potential edge is lost somewhere inside the mixing table.

For fans of metalcore “As Daylight Dies” should be close to perfect and for those a little undecided it might be worth checking out, but if you haven´t been attracted by this style so far, this album won´t make much of a difference.

Sami Iivonen

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