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Titel / Title Marionette 
Label Dangus Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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A sole fact that this is a gothic band from Lithuania intrigued me and somehow promised a very special, dear sound that my romantic being will appreciate. Oh, how darkly charismatic this band is, although I am still unsure how to pronounce their name correctly… Even before listening to the “Marionette”, I am already just pleased, holding this album in my hands. It has its own elegance and class, yet all the gothic aesthetics are there: wolves, churches, eyeless masks, corsets, crucifixes, blood spills, black-haired beauties, coffins and ankhs… If you are a night´s soul, you are tragically nostalgic for earlier The 69 Eyes and black lace and velvet are your everyday garments, this is The Record for you, my dear dark one.

Each song is like a miniature play at the famous vampire Armand´s theatre. The song starts with burn of a match, then lighten up candle and you can literally smell the old wax melting, as the deep calm male voice begins the tale “At six in the morning…” The tempo flows so gently, so comforting, so absolutely vampiric. This is the danger of it, you are falling into it wholly and those songs are impossible to end. More violins, whispers, church bells, softer whispers, spooky speaks and suddenly a scream, but all along such soft melodious music, you would offer your own neck to the sharpest fangs and won´t think twice.

I would say SaprophyteS is more gothic above all, as the sound, artwork and all the metaphors create this feeling. It is not heavy in the traditional sense, at the same time it is very deep and dark, at times even melodic doom, but not monotonous and depressive, but simply beautiful in a way a medieval and poetic goth will appreciate it the most. The strongest highlights being “Marionette”, “Drink My Blood” and “Touch The God”.

The mood of the record is constantly changing and I cannot fully comprehend exactly what the artist is feeling… Or perhaps it is precisely the implication of a marionette, a hollow puppet without its own emotions, so can only follow and express those of its wicked master. Like a theatre again, but then you realize it is not a dramatic play, everything is real and you feel cold again, then a tombstone moves, footsteps can be heard against the stone floor… You literally breathe the scent of ancient wet rocks of an old castle, hear vampire Lestat playing his immortal violin…
This must be the album that Victoria Francés is listening to, when drawing her maidens.

“Marionette” is a very thorough and high quality production, besides all the obvious visual additions. The album is complete, with every song at its right place and the sound arrangement of each will trigger your imagination where Anne Rice has never been. And now enhance it with candle light and a glass of red wine and forget the time exists...

Marina Sidyakina, translation: Klaudia Weber

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