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Crystal Eyes

Titel / Title Dead City Dreaming 
Label Heavy Fidelity 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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After the last album „Confessions Of The Marker“, on which Daniel Heiman has been the singer, there is now on “Dead City Dreaming” a new vocalist, Nico Adamsen. Before, the Swedish had searched for a permanent singer and they found the Danish Nice, who has his debut on the fifth studio album of Crystal Eyes.

The quintet offers good Melodic Metal, which is a bit uniform but nevertheless well done.
The topics of the Scandinavians are typical of Heavy Metal, because all is about battles, heroism and the Nordic gods. So you won´t get anything extraordinarily new, although the titles “Wall Of Stars”, “Battlefield” and “Temple Of Immortal Shame” are excellent and contain some noticeable hooks and riffs. However, the Swedish do not invent the cycle – sorry, the Melodic Metal, new, but all in all this record is surely worth buying it.

Sandra Eichhorn

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