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Nocte Obducta

Titel / Title Aschefrühling (Single) 
Label Supreme Chaos Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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After the shocking end of Nocte Obducta “Aschefrühling” is the last but one release of this Black Metal band. The farewell album shall follow in this year´s winter. The sextet around singer Torsten proves one more time that they belong to the German Black Metal elite. However, there only two tracks on this single, but they have a special quality. The title track, for example, has already been on the vinyl edition of the album “Stille – das nagende Schweigen” and with this release everyone who already packed away his record player can enjoy the great song. Moreover, “Aschefrühling” is limited on 1.500 pieces; a fact that will probably increase the worth of this record. Musically Nocte Obducta offer fully developed Black Metal, which is very moving due to its melancholic basic mood and will please not only the fans of this formation.

Sandra Eichhorn

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