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Pete Blume

Titel / Title Nichts ändern (EP) 
Label Self-produced 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 

Already in 2003 diese EP war released, first as a demo version. The quartet reminds one of the German band Echt (but with deduction) while the music is a bit harder. However, the Hamburgers are not able to offer something really innovative, this kind of rock has been there many times, but it is also not really bad. The problem is, like lots of other German formations also have, the lyrics. They´re pseudo-lyrical, sometimes even childish. What has to be mentioned in a negative way is the song “Dreh mich um”, of which not only the lyrics (“Turn me round if I lay on the ground” – that was already made better), but also the singing is not really convincible. If you bare in mind that this is a three-year-old demo, then it´s okay, but fit for an album it is definitely (still) not.

Sandra Eichhorn

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