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Titel / Title Face Off (Single) 
Label Self-produced 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The five Finnish guys of Sonicmind release here their own production of the single “Face Off”, which contains three songs. It is difficult to put the music into one special genre, because already in the title track the Scandinavians change a lot between the different styles. While there is melodic Power Metal in the stanzas, the chorus is real Hardcore. Also the second number “Drive” is not created uniformly, but plays with Modern Metal, Folk and Melodic Metal elements. Due to this it is hard to build a opinion, although it becomes obvious that Sonicmind had better left out some parts. Finally the third track has already been released as a web-single and can now be found here once more. This song could be really nice if there was the horrible English pronunciation and the stupid composition.

Of the different styles which Sonicmind use in one of their songs other bands could make a whole album of. This is also the reason why this single is not able to convince. It is too annoying that no idea was thought until the end, therefore you do not remember any of the songs and that´s why there is no reason to listen to it a second time.

Sandra Eichhorn

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