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Titel / Title Years In The Shadows 
Label Schwarzdorn Production 
Total run time
51:00 min 
Vö/Releasebereits veröffentlicht / already released 
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To play avantgarde metal is surely an art. If Potentiam are able to do so shall be discussed in the following review. The Icelandics release with “Years In The Shadows” their third album in about ten years of band history, which is linked with the fact that the band didn’t have a drummer for some time and therefore didn’t play music. Now they have the same drummer as at the beginning and everything’s fine. Everything? Not at all. It is very obvious that the first four songs are three years old (at that time with another drummer) and the rest of the tracks is from 2005 and tends more to metalcore than dark metal. All in all and especially the first songs are beautifully dense, melancholic and depressive, but what Potentiam build up of atmosphere is destroyed by the whining singing. The latter is sometimes varied with black metal screaming, which reminds you of early Dornenreich-stuff and fits much better into the Potentiam-songs than the crying. The fact that singer Eldur doesn’t show much talent in his clear singing is really a pity, because the basis of the songs is really good. If there was just the nice screaming everybody would be satisfied and the record would be great! But now you can only state that Potentiam should think their singing over; then they would have good chances to join the heroes of avantgarde metal and they’d also get more points.

Sandra Eichhorn

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