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Indigo Child

Titel / Title Re-Death 
Label ROCK Machine 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 

The re-release of Re-Death came out because of unexpectedly high and fast sell-out of the originally produced debut (!!!) album. With this rate of success and acceptance, this debutant band was immediately recognized as a strong new addition to the gothic/alternative scene. Having understood this much of the Child´s biography, I have expected something quite extraordinary from “Re-Death”, after all, indigo children and their activity is still undiscovered phenomena in modern age. Moreover, Slovenia is not among the countries, which I would imagine, has much “dark life” going on anyway, so I was very curious what is so striking about this new band?...
Turned out, indigo they are, yet maybe not children, but babies still, imposing some strong hope and good potential in the future.

Very pleasant melodious intro opens the album and keeping in mind that this is an industrial act, I am prepared for heavier riffs and stronger beat to break in at any moment, which sadly never comes. Nor it appears on the album any later. So for their described synthetic/industrial context Indigo Child is a bit too soft and overall sound is very much alive, as what bands in this genre usually tend to play in more surreal fashion.
I can clearly hear early Nightwish riffs passing by in places, which I am unsure, belong there at all and also Dreams of Sanity had their impact on this album´s sound. In my view, Indigo Child would make a very energetic live concert, if played with enough beat, but from the cd alone it is difficult to catch their vibe and all emotions. Although all songs are set in good order and melodic/classical parts fit in quite harmonically, there is still too little vocals´ variation and thus, quite flat only 2-dimensional sound on the whole. At the same time, the singer Eva´s voice is very capable and covers a broad scope of high tones, so I think it is just a matter of time when Indigo Child really discovers and shapes its own unique sound, so at the end you will not mistake them for anything else.

If you are playing “Re-Death” on your PC, note that the album comes as an enhanced edition and that is always a bonus to have. Very clear visual menu and stylish layout in the theme of the album. The cd has a good collection of live pictures, giving a good feel of the band´s performance and energy, as well as complete lyrics, some wallpapers and “Involve Synthetic” video.
Please refer to our “Interviews-Stories” section for a deeper insight of this band´s works and visions.

Marina Sidyakina, translation: Klaudia Weber

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