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Zuul FX

Titel / Title Live Free Or Die 
Label Equilibre Music 
Total run time
55:44 min 
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Zuul FX – the hope for metal music from France – offer here their second album with a title which reminds one very much of the new “Die Hard”-film… But whatever, the important thing is the music and not the title. The music is modern metal which, according to the band information sheet, shall be the linking element between Fear Factory and Slipknot. That’s quite right, already the title “Fuck Them All!!!” is close to the latter.

The titles of this record are similar to each other, it is hard to recognize the songs, not only because of the uniform melodies but also because of the strange titles. Songs which are named “Hate Me Bastard!!!” or “…” are not really that stuff you can easily remember.

But although Zuul FX were inspired quite obviously by Slipknot and Fear Factory, there is really the bit of innovation missing, which makes you want to listen to this album more than once. Even the good number “French Kisses” cannot make this record good. “Live Free Or Die” is unfortunately only a bit better than average.

Sandra Eichhorn

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