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Mostly Harmless

Titel / Title Butterfly Effect 
Label Colibri Records 
Total run time
44:17 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The Swiss band Mostly Harmless wants so prove on “Butterfly Effect” that nu metal can be made up of more than only uniform growls. It should also consist of – insanely creative – clear singing and soft melodies. This mixture is nothing new, already Linkin Park were successful with this kind of music. With Mostly Harmless the promised sounds very mixed up and put-on and is therefore going on one’s nerves. “Unlike” is combined with some growls, singing in Ville Valo’s style and some changes in rhythm and speed. Despite this the song is boring, because everything sounds naïve and forced.

Also “Epiphany”, which begins with whining and then drifts into really evil screaming, is in spite of the nice basic idea no real hit.

If the quartet uses less styles – clear singing would be great, the growls are not that good – this record would be nice. But the partly horrible scream passages, which often sound cheap and stolen, destroy a lot of quality.

There some good basic ideas do not help to improve the overall impression.

Sandra Eichhorn

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